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Who we are

Bluebell Legal (formerly Kaddu & Partners Advocates) is a full-service law firm in Uganda.

Through MSI Global alliance www.msiglobal.org a network of over 260 independent Law and Accounting firms spread across the world, we have global presence to serve our clients.

We are not the average law firm, a fact we are very proud of. While our client base is diverse, we endeavor to customize the service to ensure that it is efficient and convenient.

Although the firm is just over a decade old, it has consistently been listed among the Top 25 Law Firms in Uganda in comprehensive rankings (The CEO Magazine and The Firm Ltd 2018). 

In its nomination for the firm as “Boutique law firm of the year 2021”, the Uganda Law Society recognized the firm for being “… voted and recognised by public opinions with a Certificate of Excellence in appreciation on its continuous commitment to Legal excellence, integrity and honesty, Reliability, trustworthiness, transparency, fairness, Probono, Professional Development as well as commitment to contribute to the attainment of Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)”.

Not only do we profess our values but we also practice them, deliberately.

"If you wear a garland of bluebells, you will be compelled to tell the truth."

Ancient folklore on Bluebell Plants

Bluebell Plants also symbolize constancy, humility and loyalty.

An efficient legal service

The service we give to our clients is efficient and convenient through the provision of innovative, practical and timely legal solutions. We customize services to effectively to meet the needs of our client base.

Motivated Legal Team

Our legal team is endowed with a wealth of legal experience necessary to execute legal tasks adeptly. The team is motivated, organized and inspired to serve our clients diligently and effectively.


Our established and growing number of partnerships and linkages both locally and globally with distinguished professionals, Firms and Associations provides seamlessly efficient and in order to give an efficient and convenient legal service to our clients.

Standards & Integrity

Our impeccable standards and integrity se us a cut above other firms.

"Good counselors lack no clients."

William Shakespeare

remember the past

Since 2008

Bluebell Legal was founded in 2008 under the name Kaddu & Partners Advocates.

The firm changed its name to “Bluebell Legal” in December 2021. It is a full service law firm targeting mid-size to large entities which are structured or are working towards establishing sound structures .

With Bluebell Legal, you have more than a legal advisor. You will have a business advisor, a confidant, a counselor.

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we have specialists in all fields

Tax Practice

Our tax experts consistently advocate and win tax cases and advise on tax planning to mitigate risk.

Commercial law

From insolvency practice to due diligence and corporate recovery. We have experts in cross-border transactions and are supported by the MSI Global network of professional Law and Accounting firms . We provide legal advisory in all commercial transactions.
"The mouse that hath but one hole is quickly taken."
George Herbert

Our team of experts are here for you

Although we are a full service law firm, we have specialists in almost all practice areas and have specific consultants whom we always co-opt outside the firm to support in specific areas to ensure you receive value for your money.